Clint Conrad

Professor of Mantle Dynamics

Office: ZEB-bygget 2.328
University Web Page: Clint Conrad

Centre for Planetary Habitability
Department of Geosciences
University of Oslo
Sem Sælands vei 2A
0371 Oslo

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My available research output is summarized below, and is grouped as follows: Members of my research group are highlighted in bold, and denoted as:
§undergraduate student, graduate student, or postdoctoral scholar.

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Clint Conrad's Peer-Reviewed Publications


  1. Heyn, B.H., G.E. Shephard, and C.P. Conrad (2024), Prolonged multi-phase magmatism due to plume-lithosphere interaction as applied to the High Arctic Large Igneous Province, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 25, e2023GC011380, doi:10.1029/2023GC011380.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement]
  2. Wang, Y. , Á. Király, C.P. Conrad, L.N. Hansen, and M. Fraters (2024), The importance of anisotropic viscosity in numerical models, for olivine textures in shear and subduction deformations, τeκτoniκa, 2, 157-173, doi:10.55575/tektonika2024.2.1.67.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement]
  3. Ramirez, F.D.C., K. Selway, C.P. Conrad, V. Maupin, and M. Smirnov (2024), Lateral and radial viscosity structure of Fennoscandia inferred from seismic and magnetotelluric observations, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 351, 107178, doi:10.1016/j.pepi.2024.107178.
    Versions: [online] [reprint]


  1. Ramirez, F.D.C., C.P. Conrad, and K. Selway (2023), Grain size reduction by plug flow in the wet oceanic upper mantle explains the asthenosphere's low seismic Q zone, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 616,118232, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2023.118232.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement]
  2. Weerdesteijn, M.F.M., J.B. Naliboff, C.P. Conrad, J.M. Reusen, R. Steffen, T. Heister, and J. Zhang (2023), Modeling viscoelastic solid earth deformation due to ice age and contemporary glacial mass changes in ASPECT, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 24, e2022GC010813, doi:10.1029/2022GC010813.
    Versions: [online] [reprint]
  3. Paul, J., C.P. Conrad, T.W. Becker, and A. Ghosh (2023), Convective self-compression of cratons and the stabilization of old lithosphere, Geophysical Research Letters, 50, e2022GL101842, doi:10.1029/2022GL101842.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement]


  1. Weerdesteijn, M.F.M., C.P. Conrad, and J.B. Naliboff (2022), Solid earth uplift due to contemporary ice melt above low-viscosity regions of the upper mantle, Geophysical Research Letters, 49, e2022GL099731, doi:10.1029/2022GL099731.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement]
  2. Ramirez, F.D.C., K. Selway, C.P. Conrad, and C. Lithgow-Bertelloni (2022), Constraining upper mantle viscosity using temperature and water content inferred from seismic and magnetotelluric data, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 127, e2021JB023824, doi:10.1029/2021JB023824.
    Versions: [online] [reprint]
  3. Marcilly, C.M, T.H Torsvik, and C.P. Conrad (2022), Global Phanerozoic sea levels from paleogeographic flooding maps, Gondwana Research, 110, 128-142, doi:10.1016/
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement]
    Press: [CEED Blog]
    Erratum: [online] [pdf]
  4. Heyn, B.H., and C.P. Conrad (2022), On the relation between basal erosion of the lithosphere and surface heat flux for continental plume tracks, Geophysical Research Letters, 49, e2022GL098003, doi:10.1029/2022GL098003.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement]
    Press: [CEED Blog]


  1. Karlsen, K.S., C.P. Conrad, M. Domeier, and R.G. Trønnes (2021), Spatiotemporal variations in surface heat loss imply a heterogeneous mantle cooling history, Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2020GL092119, doi:10.1029/2020GL092119.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement] [Seafloor Age Grids]
    Press: [ (Norwegian)] [New Scientist] [Popular Mechanics] [] [Daily Mail] [Yahoo] [IFL Science]


  1. Király, Á., C.P. Conrad, and L.N. Hansen (2020) Evolving viscous anisotropy in the upper mantle and its geodynamic implications, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 21, e2020GC009159, doi:10.1029/2020GC009159.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement]
    Online Repository: []
  2. Heyn, B.H., C.P. Conrad, and R.G. Trønnes (2020), Core-mantle boundary topography and its relation to the viscosity structure of the lowermost mantle, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 543, 16358, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2020.116358.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplemental]
  3. Heyn, B.H., C.P. Conrad, and R.G. Trønnes (2020), How thermochemical piles can (periodically) generate plumes at their edges, Journal of Geophysical Research, 125, e2019JB018726, doi:10.1029/2019JB018726.
    Versions: [online] [reprint]
    Press: [Highlight in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment]
  4. Karlsen, K.S., M. Domeier, C. Gaina, and C.P. Conrad (2020), A tracer-based algorithm for automatic generation of seafloor age grids from plate tectonic reconstructions, Computers and Geosciences, 140, 104508, doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2020.104508.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplemental material]
    TracTec code: [] [Seafloor Age Grids]
    Press: [CEED Blog] []
  5. Sames, B., M. Wagreich, C.P. Conrad, and S. Iqbal (2020) Aquifer-eustasy as the main driver of short-term sea-level fluctuations during Cretaceous hothouse climate phases, Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 498, 9-38, doi:10.1144/SP498-2019-105.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [Special Cretaceous Climate Issue]
  6. Hartmann, R., J. Ebbing, and C.P. Conrad (2020), A Multiple 1D Earth Approach (M1DEA) to account for lateral viscosity variations in solutions of the sea level equation: An application for glacial isostatic adjustment by Antarctic deglaciation, Journal of Geodynamics, 135, 101695, doi:10.1016/j.jog.2020.101695.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [GitHub: Rotational Feedback for Selen]


  1. Wessel, P., and C.P. Conrad (2019) Assessing models for Pacific absolute plate and plume motions, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20, 6016-6032, doi:10.1029/2019GC008647.
    Versions: [online] [preprint]
  2. Torsvik, T.H., B. Steinberger, G.E. Shephard, P.V. Doubrovine, C. Gaina, M Domeier, C.P. Conrad, and W.W. Sager (2019) Pacific-Panthalassic reconstructions: Overview, errata and the way forward, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20, 3659-3689, doi:10.1029/2019GC008402.
    Versions: [online] [reprint]
    Supplemental Files: [PACIFIC.ZIP] [Pacific_EARTHBYTE_Model_R.ZIP]
  3. Karlsen, K.S., C.P. Conrad, and V. Magni (2019), Deep water cycling and sea level change since the breakup of Pangea, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20, 2919-2935, doi:10.1029/2019GC008232.
    Versions: [online] [reprint]
    Press: [NRK (Norwegian)] [Glåmdalen (Norwegian)] [Live Science] [New Scientist] [Futurism]
  4. Crameri, F., C.P. Conrad, L. Montési, and C.R. Lithgow-Bertelloni (2019) The dynamic life of an oceanic plate, Tectonophysics, 760, 107-135, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2018.03.016.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [Torsvik Special Issue]
    Press: [EGU Blog] [EOS]
  5. Steinberger, B., C.P. Conrad, A. Osei Tutu, and M.J. Hoggard (2019) On the amplitude of dynamic topography at spherical harmonic degree two, Tectonophysics, 760, 221-228, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2017.11.032.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [Torsvik Special Issue]
  6. Paul, J., A. Ghosh, and C.P. Conrad (2019) Traction and strain-rate at the base of the lithosphere: An insight into cratonic survival, Geophysical Journal International, 217, 1024-1033, doi:10.1093/gji/ggz079.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplement]
    Erratum: [online] [pdf]


  1. Heyn, B.H., C.P. Conrad, and R.G. Trønnes (2018), Stabilizing effect of compositional viscosity contrasts on thermochemical piles, Geophysical Research Letters, 45, 7523-7532, doi:10.1029/2018GL078799.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supplemental information]
  2. Watkins, C.E., and C.P. Conrad (2018), Constraints on dynamic topography from asymmetric subsidence of the mid-ocean ridges, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 484, 264-275, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2017.12.028.
    Versions: [online] [reprint]


  1. Conrad, C.P., K. Selway, M.M. Hirschmann, M.D. Ballmer, and P. Wessel (2017), Constraints on volumes and patterns of asthenospheric melt from the space-time distribution of seamounts, Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 7203-7210, doi:10.1002/2017GL074098.
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  2. Dangendorf, S., M. Marcos, G. Wöppelmann, C.P. Conrad, T. Frederikse, and R. Riva (2017), Reassessment of 20th century global mean sea level rise, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114, 5946-5951, doi: 10.1073/pnas.161007114.
    Versions: [online] [reprint] [supporting information]
    Press: [UiO's Titan] [Washington Post] [The Independent] [Deutsche Welle] [] [E&E News] [The Telegraph]
    Blogs: [Union of Concerned Scientists]
    In Norwegian: [CEED Press Release] [UiO's Titan] []


  1. Hansen, L.N., C.P. Conrad, Y. Boneh, P. Skemer, J.M. Warren, and D.L. Kohlstedt (2016), Viscous anisotropy of textured olivine aggregates, Part 2: Micromechanical model, Journal of Geophysical Research, 121, 7137-7160, doi: 10.1002/2016JB013240.
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  2. Plyusnina, E.E., D.A. Ruban, C.P. Conrad, G.d.S. dos Anjos Zerfass, and H. Zerfass (2016), Long-term eustatic cyclicity in the Paleogene: a critical assessment, Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 127, 425-434, doi: 10.1016/j.pgeola.2016.03.006.
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