Clint Conrad

Professor of Mantle Dynamics

Office: ZEB-bygget 2.328

Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED)
Department of Geosciences
University of Oslo
Postboks 1028 Blindern
N-0315 Oslo

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Research Results: Datasets, Codes, and Models

Various research output that we have made available for general use.

seafloor age grid at 400 Ma
Reconstruction of Seafloor Ages back to 400 Ma

As part of his research into the history of Earth's heat flow, CEED PhD student Krister Karlsen reconstructed seafloor ages for the past 400 Myr. The age grids and associated heat flow are described by Karlsen et al. [2021] and the algorithm used to create them (TracTec) is described by Karlsen et al. [2020]. These are available below: the tractec code

evolving viscous anisotropy beneath subduction
Evolving Viscous Anisotropy Dataset and Code

CEED postdoc Ágnes Kiraly developed a code to compute the viscous anisotropy associated with a developing olivine texture. This code is based on the model of Hansen et al. [2016] and is fully described in Király et al. [2020].

Antarctic deflections to due deglaciation
Rotational Feedback for SELEN

Masters student Robert Hartmann developed an update to SELEN, which is a public code for solving the sea level equation. As documented by Hartmann et al. [2020], this update adds rotational feedback to the SELEN solution for sea level.

quadrupoles for tectonic model
Tectonic Plate Reconstructions

A few of my collaborators (Trond Torsvik and Bernhard Steinberger) have developed reconstructions of past plate motions as part of our work. These CEED reconstruction models can be obtained from PLATE MODELS @ CEED website, and in particular:

Sea level variations due to reservoir impoundment Sea Level Response to Surface Loads

Surface loads deflect the Earth's solid and sea surfaces, causing lateral variations in rates of sea level change. We have computed the sea level response to:

Basaltic Volcanism Basaltic Volcanism Locations

We have compiled a database of the locations of basaltic volcanism in continental environments. This work is documented in Conrad et al. [2011] and includes the locations of:

mantle flow Mantle Flow Model and calcpi Code

We have developed a model of the flow field within the Earth's present-day mantle [Conrad and Behn, 2010]. The model is constrained by observations of seismic anisotropy. To predict anisotropy from the flow model, we developed the "calcpi" code [Conrad et al., 2007] that computes the Infinite Strain Axis (ISA) associated with the mantle flow field.

Dynamic Topography Dynamic Topography Model

We have developed a model for present-day dynamic topography at the Earth's surface, as supported by mantle flow [Conrad and Husson, 2009].

Subduction Parameters Subduction Parameters

We have compiled a database of parameters describing subduction zone transects around the world. These parameters are sufficient to compute forces associated with slab pull and plate bending [Wu, Conrad et al., 2008].

Fossil Spreading Fossil Seafloor Spreading Rates

By computing gradients of seafloor ages, we have compiles a model of fossil spreading rates for the global seafloor [Conrad and Lithgow-Bertelloni, 2007].

Lithospheric Thickness Lithosphere Thickness Model

We have estimated lateral variations lithospheric thickness [Conrad and Lithgow-Bertelloni, 2006].