This directory contains dynamic topography grids for the five dynamic topography grids shown in Fig. 2 of the following paper:

Conrad, C.P., and L. Husson (2009), Influence of dynamic topography on sea level and its rate of change, Lithosphere, 1, 110-120.

Parts A-E of figure 2 are given in ascii (xy) and grd formats (both gzipped):
A) ulm: xy grd
B) umup: xy grd
C) umdn: xy grd
D) lmup: xy grd
E) lmdn: xy grd
The xy files have the format:
(latitude) (longitude) (dynamic topography in km)

The labels for parts A-E are denoted in the included file fig2_labeled.png
Note that the sum of the dynamic topography of parts B+C+D+E is equal to the total dynamic topography shown in part A.

If you use these files, please cite Conrad & Husson [2009]. The full citation is above.

Please send questions to Clint Conrad: