Clint Conrad

Professor of Mantle Dynamics

Office: ZEB-bygget 2.328

Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED)
Department of Geosciences
University of Oslo
Postboks 1028 Blindern
N-0315 Oslo

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The Conrad Research Group

Current Members: The Earth Modeling Team at CEED (2016 - present)

Former Members (2016 - present, University of Oslo)

  • Krister Stræte Karlsen, PhD Student (2017-2021)
    PhD Thesis (2021): Plate Tectonic Controls on Geodynamic Processes: Earth’s Deep Water Cycle, Sea Level Change and Planetary Cooling Patterns [Disputation]
  • Ágnes Kiraly, Postdoctoral Scholar (2017-2020)
    Now a research scientist at CEED.
  • Björn Holger Heyn, PhD Student (2016-2020)
    Now a postdoctoral scholar at CEED.
    PhD Thesis (2020): Geodynamics of Earth’s Large Low Shear Velocity Provinces: Interaction with mantle flow, plume initiation, and core-mantle boundary deformation [Disputation]
  • Fabio Crameri, Postdoc (2016-2019) and Research Scientist (2019-2020)
    Now an adjunct scientist at CEED.
  • Petra Hatalova, MS Student (2018-2019)
    MS Thesis (2019): Guiding of tectonic plate motions by transform faults and mid-ocean ridges [MS Thesis] [data archive]
    Now an PhD student at CEED.
  • Robert Hartmann, visiting MS Student (2018) from GEOMAR (Kiel, Germany)
    Now a PhD student in the physics of fluids at the University of Twente.
    MS Thesis at GEOMAR (2019): Impact of Antarctic deglaciation on Earth deformation and sea level change: An assessment of modeling lateral viscosity variations with multiple 1D Earth rheology structures
  • Alysse Bebin, Visiting MS Student (2017) from ENSTA Bretagne, France
    MS Thesis at ENSTA (2017): Characterizing the rate of lithospheric mass loss due to gravitational instability

Former Members (2008 - 2016, University of Hawaii)

Former Members (2005 - 2008, Johns Hopkins University)

  • Laurent Metivier, Blaustein Postdoctoral Scholar (2007-2008)
    Now a research scientist at the Institut Geographique National and the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (both in Paris, France)
  • Benjun Wu, PhD Student (2006-2008)
    Now a professor at Nanjing University.
    PhD Thesis (2011), Chapter 3: The Strength of Lithospheric Slabs Constrained by Plate Motions
  • Christopher Hayes, MS Student (2006-2008)
    MS Thesis (2008): Tectonic Constrols on Megathrust Seismicity: Neutral Upper Plate Strain Promotes Great Earthquakes
  • Stephen Steiner, MS Student (2005-2006)
    MS Thesis (2006): Influence of Active Mantle Upwelling for Driving Plate Motions