GG303 Structural Geology, Fall 2009



A study of geologic structures and the crustal processes that control their deformation

Instructor: Clint Conrad
      Contact: 804 POST, 956-6649,
      Office Hours: After class or by appointment

Teaching Assistant: Asdis Benediktsdottir
      Contact: 842B POST, 956-5241,
      Office Hours: Mon. 9:00-10:15 and Tue. 10:30-11:30

Lecture Time: Monday and Wednesday 10:30 to 11:20 PM
Laboratory Time: Wednesday 1:30 to 4:20 PM
Meeting Location: 708 POST (lectures and labs)
Office Hours: After class or by appointment

Required Text: Basic Methods of Structural Geology by Marshak and Mitra
Recommended Text: Fundamentals of Structural Geology by Pollard and Fletcher

More Information: The course syllabus can be downloaded here:
  • Fall 2009 Syllabus for GG303.pdf Lectures and Labs: The lectures and labs will follow these notes, which should be downloaded from the list below and brought to class. These notes closely follow original lecture notes developed for GG303 by Dr. Stephen Martel.

    Week 1: Introduction, Lines & Planes

    Week 2: Orthographic Projections, Maps

    Week 3: Geologic Maps, Cross Sections

    Week 4: Scalers, Vectors, Tensors, Matrices

    Week 5: Spherical Projections

    Week 6: Rotations

    Week 7: Kinematics and Deformation

    Week 8: Homogeneous Finite Strain, Midterm

    Week 9: Finite & Infinitesimal Strain

    Week 10: Mohr's Circle, Stress Transformations

    Week 11: Rheology, Stress Concentrations

    Big Island Field Trip: November 6-8

    Week 12: Dislocations

    Week 13: Faults

    Week 14: Folds

    Week 15: Joints, Fabrics

    Week 16: Review, Wrap-up, Final

    Grading and Class Policy:

    • Grades: Grades will be calculated based on the Lab Midterm (15%), Lab Final (15%), Lab Homework (40%), Final Exam (20%), and Class Participation (10%).
    • Cooperation: Students are encouraged to work together. 'Working together' is not the same as 'copying'. Each student must submit their own lab writeups using their own words.
    • Format: Neatness, clarity of expression, and completeness are essential to obtain full credit on exams, labs, and homework.
    • Due Dates: Lab writeups are due at the start of lecture on the Wednesday after they are assigned (that is, one week after they are assigned, but at 10:30 AM). If you turn them in at the lab time, they will be considered 1 day late.
    • Grace Days: Each student can utilize 3 grace days during the semester. These are days for which there is no penalty for submitting a late assignment. You can use all three to turn in one assignment 3 days late, or you may turn in 3 assignments 1 day late.
    • Late Assignments: After you use your grace days, your homework grade will be reduced by 15% per day that the assignment is late. A new day starts at 4 PM (except 10:30 AM on Wednesday, as described above).