GG101 Dynamic Earth, Fall 2013



An overview of Planet Earth and its ever-changing interior, landforms, and surface environment

NEW 11/1/13: For November 12 only, our class will be held in the C-MORE HALE (in front of the Biomed building), in the Moore Conference Center room #2. Here is a map.

NEW 9/16/13: New HW policy: Students may ask for 2 extra days to complete missed homeworks (just e-mail me to ask for an extension). Only one extension will be granted per student during the semester and deadlines cannot be extended beyond the review date for that material (Sept 24, Oct 29, and Dec 5 for class parts I, II, and III).

NEW 9/16/13: In HW5 Question 14, one of the choices should be changed to "Crystallized magma bodies within the crust".

NEW 9/9/13: Intro-level Field Trip to Kilauea! Scott Rowland and Chip Fletcher will be running the trip Nov. 1-3. All are welcome. Click here for more details. Also check out field trip photos from past years.

NEW 9/4/13: Extra-credit opportunity! Volunteer for the SOEST Open House (Oct. 25 & 26). Confirmed volunteers will have an extra homework with a perfect score added to their homework average.

NEW 8/27/13: Here is a direct link you can use to register for the WileyPlus system: direct link to GG101-Conrad

Instructor: Clint Conrad
      Contact: 804 POST, 956-6649,

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 to 10:15 AM in POST 723
Office Hours: After class or by appointment
Text: Physical Geology: The Science of Earth (2011) by Charles Fletcher
        Note: available at the bookstore or online at WileyPlus:
Online: All students must register online with WileyPlus:
WileyPlus: We will be using WileyPlus (linked to the textbook) for homework assignments and exams
Registration: You will need a WileyPlus registration code - this is included with your textbook purchase.
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More Information: The course syllabus can be downloaded here:

Schedule and Lectures:
Week Dates Lecture Topics Reading
(due by 9 AM)
Part I: Planet Earth
Week 1 Aug 27
Aug 29
Solar System
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
HW1 due 9/5/13
HW2 due 9/7/13
Week 2 Sept 3
Sept 5
Planet Earth
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
HW3 due 9/10/13
HW4 due 9/12/13
Week 3 Sept 10
Sept 12
Igneous Rocks
Chapter 5
Chapter 7
HW5 due 9/17/13
HW6 due 9/19/13
Week 4 Sept 17
Sept 19
Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
HW7 due 9/24/13
HW8 due 9/26/13
Week 5 Sept 24
Sept 26
Review for First Exam
First Exam
Part II: Earth's Dynamic Interior
Week 6 Oct 1
Oct 3
Plate Tectonics
Mantle Dynamics
Chapter 3

HW9 due 10/10/13
Week 7 Oct 8
Oct 10
Mountain Building
Chapter 6
Chapter 11

HW10 due 10/17/13
Week 8 Oct 15
Oct 17
Mountain Building, Earthquakes
Chapter 11 & 12
Chapter 12
HW11 due 10/22/13
HW12 due 10/24/13
Week 9 Oct 22
Oct 24
Geologic Time
Earth History
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
HW13 due 10/29/13
HW14 due 10/31/13
Week 10 Oct 29
Oct 31
Review for Second Exam
Second Exam
Part III: Earth's Dynamic Surface
Week 11 Nov 5
Nov 7
Global Warming
Global Change
Chapters 10 & 16
Chapter 16

HW15 due 11/14/13
Week 12 Nov 12*
Nov 14
Glaciers & Paleoclimate
Mass Wasting
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
HW16 due 11/19/13
HW17 due 11/21/13
Week 13 Nov 19
Nov 21
Surface Water
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
HW18 due 11/26/13
HW19 due 12/3/13
Week 14 Nov 26
Nov 28
Coastal Geology
NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)
Chapter 22

HW20 due 12/5/13

Week 15 Dec 3
Dec 5
Marine Geology
Review for Third Exam
Chapter 23

HW21 due 12/10/13

Week 16 Dec 10
Dec 12
Third Exam
Dec 17
at 9:45
Third Exam (alternate date)

* Class on Nov. 12 will be in C-MORE HALE. See map.